Day 4 Astronomy Club Meeting - hosted at the ICR Discovery Center

Day 4 Astronomy Meeting

Join us on the third Saturday of every month for the Day4 Astronomy meeting at the ICR Discovery Center. Explore the science behind how the heavens declare the glory of God! The meetings are free and no registration is required, however, the Exhibit Hall and Planetarium require a ticket for entry. If you wish to explore these other astronomical ways that science confirms the Bible, please see Guest Services at the front desk or you may purchase tickets here in advance.


10:00 AM — Founder’s Hall Doors open

10:30 AM — Meeting starts

12:00 PM — Meeting ends


Founder’s Hall inside the ICR Discovery Center


  • January 21st

  • February 18th

  • March 18th

  • April 15th

  • May 20th

  • June 17th

  • July 15th

  • August 19th

  • September 16th

  • October 21st

  • November 18th

  • No December meeting

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ICR Meet and Greet | October 2


Please join us on Monday, October 2, for this exclusive event!

Meet ICR’s Director of Donor Relations, Dr. Chas Morse, interact with other Texas friends of the ministry, and learn about our new, cutting-edge scientific research. Your support empowers ICR to communicate scientific evidence that affirms the clarity and truthfulness of God’s written Word and glorifies our Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Invite your family, friends, pastors, and neighbors to this event, and make sure they’re all registered so they can receive a complimentary ICR resource.

Thank you for being a supporter of our ministry! We look forward to seeing you there.

Space is limited, and registration is required. To register for this event, to schedule a Meet and Greet near you, or for more information please email or call Margie at 214.615.8351


ICR Discovery Center
1830 Royal Ln.
Dallas, TX 75229
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Biblical Archaeology Conference


The Bible has been God’s Word to His people for millennia, but most people today question whether the events it records are actual history. Every time the Bible’s claims can be tested, however, they stand up to scrutiny. Join us on Friday, November 10th and Saturday, November 11th, as we explore the archaeological evidence for the historicity of the Bible!


The Biblical Archaeology Conference will feature renowned Biblical Scholar and Archaeologist, Dr. Randall Price of World of the Bible, and Prof. Tom Meyer, author of Archaeology and the Bible, and a graduate of Jerusalem University College.

Dates: Nov 10, 2023 - Nov 11, 2023


Friday, November 10th, 2023

Friday Schedule Coming Soon!

Saturday, November 11th, 2023
Time Session Speaker Title Description

10:00 a.m.

Doors Open

10:30 a.m.

Session 1

Dr. Randall Price

“An Introduction to the Science of Archaeology: an Aid to Giving a Biblical Apologetic”


11:15 a.m.


11:30 a.m.

Session 2

Prof. Tom Meyer

“The Archaeology of the Holy Land: Northern Israel”

In this presentation, learn amazing truths on how archaeology in northern Israel demonstrates the reliability of Scripture. Prof. Tom will outline archaeological discoveries related to King David found at Dan; the burn layer at Hazor from the time of Joshua; remains from the time of Jesus at Capernaum and the Sea of Galilee, the gates of Megiddo built by King Solomon, and finds at Caesarea Maritime.

12:15 p.m.

Lunch break – local restaurants

1:30 p.m.

Session 3

Prof. Tom Meyer

“The Archaeology of the Holy Land: Central Israel”

In this presentation, learn how the archaeology of central Israel demonstrates in every instance the accuracy of Scripture. Prof. Tom will highlight archaeological discoveries from finds related to the Tabernacle at Shiloh, to proof that the walls did come tumbling down at Jericho, to discoveries related to various kings of Judah found in Jerusalem.

2:15 p.m.


2:30 p.m.

Session 4

Prof. Tom Meyer

“The Archaeology of the Holy Land: Southern Israel”

In this presentation, Prof. Tom will overview archeological discoveries found in southern Israel. See famous discoveries related to Assyria’s invasion of Judah at Lachish, the famous cities of the Philistines, and even objects found in Egypt from the time of the Patriarchs. Prof. Tom will show how the numerous discoveries found at these places clearly tell what we already know to be true, that “thy Word is truth” (John 17:17).

3:15 p.m.


3:30 p.m.

Session 5

Dr. Randall Price

“The Stones Cry Out: Archaeological Evidence for Jesus”


4:15 p.m.


4:30 p.m.

Q&A Session with Speakers

4:45 p.m.


Tickets & Admission

Space is limited for this conference, and we highly recommend that you register today!

For those who hold either Basic or Premium ICR Discovery Center memberships, admission to the exhibit hall is included. Pending availability, premium members will still need to reserve planetarium seats in advance, for their desired show. For non-members, we recommend you purchase your Exhibit Hall and Planetarium seats in advance.

We look forward to seeing you November 10th and 11th for the Biblical Archaeology Conference!


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ICR Discovery Center
1830 Royal Ln.
Dallas, TX 75229
Map and Directions

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