Invitation to film premiere of God's Living Creatures: Amazing Animals of Alaska - August 11 & 13 - 6:30 pm

God's Living Treasures: Amazing Animals of Alaska, Vol. 3 Dallas Film Premiere at the ICR Discovery Center

Join us on Thursday, August 11th or Saturday, August 13th, as the ICR Discovery Center will be hosting the Dallas film premiere of God’s Living Treasures: Amazing Animals of Alaska, Volume 3.

What are God’s living treasures? They are God’s creatures which add joy and delight to our lives, are valued for their beauty and design, and enhance our world. Enjoy learning about more amazing animals of Alaska from Dr. Jobe Martin and his friends Dr. Jim Johnson, David Rives and Micah Bowman. Be inspired as you learn about the complexities of arctic birds’ systems to be able to fly long distances and swim deep under water, about cats with their own hearing aids and snowshoes, massive sea creatures that use “bubble nets” to catch their food, and a majestic bird that uses 1,500 feathers in flight and can dive 100 mph.

These creatures’ variety, design, and complexity point us back to the Creator, Jesus Christ, Who is also the loving Savior of all mankind. Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer . . . I am the Lord that maketh all things (Isaiah 44:24a). That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved (Romans 10:9).


Tickets are free, and families and groups are welcome to register multiple people at a time.

Thursday, August 11th

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Saturday, August 13th

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For more information please call 214.615.8325 or email

Film producers and talent

Dr. Jobe MartinDr. Jim JohnsonDavid RivesMicah Bowman

Schedule (identical for both evenings)

Time Session
6:00 p.m. Doors Open
6:20 p.m. Seating for Screening Starts
6:35 p.m. Welcoming comments
6:40 p.m. God’s Living Treasures: Amazing Animals of Alaska Vol. 3 starts
7:40 p.m. Q&A with film producers and talent
8:00 p.m. Meet and greet with film producers and talent
9:00 p.m. Event ends and Discovery Center closes
Day 4 Astronomy Club Meeting - hosted at the ICR Discovery Center

Day 4 Astronomy Club Meeting

Join us on the second Friday of every month for the Day4 Astronomy Club meeting at the ICR Discovery Center. Explore the science behind how the heavens declare the glory of God! The meetings are free and no registration is required.

Date: Reoccurring on the second Friday of every month. (No December meeting)


6:30 PM - Doors and Discovery Center bookstore open

7:00 PM - Meeting starts

9:00 PM - Meeting ends


Founder’s Hall inside the ICR Discovery Center*

*The Exhibition Hall and Planetarium will have closed by 5pm. Please join us between 10am and 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday if you would like to explore more astronomical ways that science confirms the Bible!

For more information, please email

Celebrate our 3 year Anniversary with us at the ICR Discovery Center on July 4

Celebrate the 3rd Year Anniversary of the ICR Discovery Center!

Free Activities

This September 3rd, ICR Discovery Center invites you to a day full of free fun family activities. Bring your whole family for outdoor games, a petting zoo, balloon creations, caricature drawings by a local artist, and special speakers—as well as music, games, and giveaways from 94.9 KLTY!

Discount Tickets

Celebrate with our discount Exhibit Hall tickets!

Exhibit Hall: $10

Exhibit Hall and Planetarium Combo: $13

Special Guests

Come hear Dr. Jobe Martin from Biblical Discipleship Ministries talk about the amazing creature features God designed and see live examples in the petting zoo provided by Cathy’s Critters.

Plan for lunch from the Egg Stand food truck!

More details to come.  Schedule subject to change.

Fossil Dig Tables & Yard Games 10am - 3pm
Help by donating with Carter BloodCare's mobile donation bus 10am - 3pm
KLTY Radio Booth with music and giveaways! 11am - 3pm
Eggstand Food Truck 11am - 1pm
Ronnie Smith Caricatures & Balloon Creations 11am - 2pm
Cathy's Critters Petting Zoo 11am - 3pm
Animal Presentation at the petting zoo by Dr. Jobe Martin 12:00pm
Animal Presentation at the petting zoo by Dr. Jobe Martin 12:45pm
Animal Presentation at the petting zoo by Dr. Jobe Martin 2:00pm
Animal Presentation at the petting zoo by Dr. Jobe Martin 2:45pm
Indoor Live Presentations from our scientists TBD



Don’t miss these fun family activities, stunning planetarium shows, animatronic creatures, our chilly ice age theater, creation-based science exhibits, animatronic dinosaurs, and so much more. See you on September 3rd!

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Vendors and Sponsors

94.9 KLTY - Your life...inspiredDr. Jobe Martin – Biblical Discipleship MinistriesCarter Blood DriveEgg Stand Food TruckRonnie SmithCathy’s Critters – Petting Zoo
Happy Labor Day - Open Monday, September 5 - $10 Exhibit Hall Tickets

The ICR Discovery Center is open for normal business hours on Monday, September 5th for Labor Day!

Come see our new exhibits at a discounted rate! This is also a great opportunity to bring your family and friends to experience the ICR Discovery Center, check out ICR's latest research, learn about all of our creation science resources, view planetarium shows, and marvel at God's design.

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The Great Recital

The Great Recital at the ICR Discovery Center

This fall, the ICR Discovery Center will host the Great Recital (October 11-15). Professor Tom Meyer and others will recite the entire New Testament, word for word, from memory.

The Bible contains many references to being read aloud at public gatherings—such as the Feast of Tabernacles on the Sabbatical year, which included a celebratory reading of God’s Word (Deuteronomy 31:11-13). This ritual intended to produce a life of obedience and ensure a continuation of the nation’s divine prosperity.

By attending this event in person or online, you can be part of an ancient historical tradition that spans thousands of years. For more information, visit