Children boarding a school bus

A field trip to the discovery center

will enhance the science you’re teaching in the classroom, while also training students to look at the world from a biblical perspective.

Our planetarium offers an unforgettable experience! Whether your students blast into space or plunge into the ocean depths, they’ll see evidence of God’s design at every turn. In the exhibit hall, students will journey through Earth’s history and discover scientific evidence that affirms the truth of the Bible.

Field trips to our Dallas museum may also include live science presentations in our auditorium. Popular topics include dinosaurs, the global Flood, the Ice Age, and more! Let’s talk about how we can customize a memorable day of learning to meet the needs of your students. Studying the incredible harmony that exists between science and the Bible will build their faith and invite them into a deeper relationship with their Creator.

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School Group posing behind ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History sign.

Discovery Center exhibits will teach, challenge, and delight visitors at every turn. View our exploration guide before your visit.

What you can expect

  • Planetarium shows
  • Engaging exhibits that teach the origin of the universe and how science affirms the Bible
  • Animatronic creatures, special effects, and a chilly Ice Age theater
  • Fascinating facts about DNA and human ancestry, fossils and rocks, dinosaurs, and astronomy
  • Development and application of critical thinking skills while discovering the latest scientific research
  • A Bible-based journey through Earth's history, highlighting scientific discoveries along the way
  • Special events will include live presentations by scientists and scholars
  • A resource store full of creation-based science resources and educational kits