State-of-the-Art Exhibits featuring a photo of a Tyrannosaurus Rex head.
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Field Trips

Planetarium Experience

These stunning films will captivate and encourage your family with solid scientific evidence that confirms the Bible. Whether you’re flying by mysterious planets, exploring gorgeous galaxies, or marveling at creatures in the depths of the sea, you’ll discover how all of creation displays God’s incredible design.

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Plan your visit

Choose from a variety of ticket options as you plan your visit to our Dallas museum! Check out our group rates, senior and veteran discounts, and other special offers. Get combo tickets for the exhibit hall and planetarium shows for additional savings.

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Get Ready to Explore

From the origins of the universe to the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, our exhibit hall explores Earth’s history from a biblical perspective. Uncover dragon mysteries, dig deeper into Grand Canyon, and discover what Mount St. Helens can teach us about Earth’s geologic past. Hover over each icon in our exploration guide below to learn about the exhibits you’ll encounter.

A map of inside the ICR Discovery Center showing the locations of the exhibits and features.
Planetarium: Explore the wonders of our solar system. Shows run continuously throughout the day. Separate ticket required.
Fossil Display: Discover more about the past by looking at the clues left behind.
Founder's Hall: Listen to discussions on a variety of topics in our 200-seat auditorium.
Tickets & Information: Purchase tickets and find out more about what ICR offers.
Discovery Store: Take home a creation-based resource for further discovery.
Founders of Science: Listen to the accounts and discoveries of some of the greatest scientific minds.
Life of Christ/The Return: Revel in the story of Christ's life and resurrection. Witness the Creator, Savior, Redeemer, and His return as King!
Current Research: Examine the facts of genetic design, soft tissue dinosaur remains, and many other proofs of creation that dispel the myths of evolution.
Garden in Eden: Experience the beauty of God's creation and humanity's fall from perfection.
Tower of Babel: Hear the language confusion that caused humanity to 'fill the earth' and form the nations we know today.
Origin of the Universe: Journey back to the dawn of time and marvel at the size, complexity, and youth of the universe.
Ice Age: Shiver in the frigid atmosphere of the Ice Age and learn the scientific data that show the age of this period. Experience what life was like during the Ice Age for man and beast.
The Flood: Discover evidence of the year-long, planet-covering Flood and marvel at the construction of the Ark.
Life on the Ark: Step onto the Ark and learn how Noah's family and the animals survived their arduous voyage.
Beasts of the Earth: Marvel at the diversity of beasts that roamed the planet after the Flood. See human encounters with dinosaurs throughout history up to the late 1200s.
Mount St. Helens: Observe an ecosystem rapidly changing due to a catastrophic event.
Baobab Tree: Learn the secrets of the past from a 1,000-year-old tree.
Grand Canyon: Explore the post-Flood world of the Grand Canyon and learn what the layers of strata reveal.
Dr. Clarey giving a presentation with the text: Live Presentations

Special events will include live presentations by ICR scientists, special speakers, and scholars. How do dinosaurs fit with the Bible? Was the Flood really global? What caused the Ice Age? Our experts can help you answer challenging questions of faith and science.

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Discovery Center Discovery Store
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Discovery Store


Stop by the Discovery Store to pick up your favorite creation-based resources. You’ll find books, DVD series, and science kits to further your journey of discovery. We have something for everyone, from the serious science reader to the curious preschooler.

Our hours of operation are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. You don’t need a ticket to shop in the store, so feel free to drop by and see what’s new.


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Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis
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Rethinking Radiometric Dating
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Creation Q&A
Image of four volunteers

Our mission here at ICR is to come alongside believers in their faith by providing scientific evidence that affirms the truth of God's word and glorifies Jesus Christ for His glorious work in Creation.

We believe volunteers play a vital role in this mission, and we don't take your investment lightly. When you serve with us, we commit to honor your time, provide appropriate training, arrange meaningful assignments, and cheer you on as you serve.

We're looking for volunteers who are passionate about God, His truth, and creation science.  Our main needs are currently in the ICR Discovery Center.  Click "Learn More" to fill out an application, or send an email to for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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