Make memories and enjoy group rates when you bring 12 or more people to the ICR Discovery Center.
A group of Senior adults

Discover Together

Who would you like to impact with the science that confirms creation? We encourage you to consider coordinating a visit to the ICR Discovery Center for your church group, family reunion, or staff fellowship. Young and old alike will enjoy exploring the wonders of God’s creation as they learn how to view the world from a biblical perspective.

We offer special rates for groups of 12-60 people. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll help you plan a memorable, faith-building event.

Learn More

What can your group expect when they visit the ICR Discovery Center? Watch the video above!

A group of Students

Reach the Next Generation


Have you considered bringing children and students from your church to the ICR Discovery Center? One of the most prevalent messages used to undermine their faith is the idea that science has disproven the Bible. The Discovery Center will help them lay a foundation of truth they can build on for a lifetime.


Group Reservations

What you can expect

  • Planetarium shows, including 3-D options
  • Engaging exhibits that teach the origin of the universe and how science affirms the Bible
  • Animatronic creatures, special effects, and a chilly Ice Age theater
  • Fascinating facts about DNA and human ancestry, fossils and rocks, dinosaurs, and astronomy
  • Development and application of critical thinking skills while discovering the latest scientific research
  • A Bible-based journey through Earth's history, highlighting scientific discoveries along the way
  • Special events will include live presentations by scientists and scholars
  • A resource store full of creation-based science resources and educational kits